Today, on July 4th, I would just like to encourage everyone to take advantage of their freedoms. In the United States, we have a great deal of freedom in regards to spirituality. Depending on where you live in America, it may seem like there is only one spiritual path, or at least one that is better accepted than others. But in all reality, there is almost no option unavailable to us.

Whatever your spiritual inclination, celebrate your freedom to believe and act as you choose. Celebrate being able to belong to your faith tradition. Celebrate having the freedom to mix traditions into something more unique. Celebrate not having to do anything related to faith. While I believe that a spiritual life is healthy, worthwhile, and relevant, celebrate if you are an atheist. The freedom to not believe is not available to all. The ideal of independence that is so vital to the fabric of our nation, has given rise to an entire spectrum of spiritual traditions (including a lack there of in some cases). Freedoms as varied as ours gives way to diversity. And that is most certainly something to be celebrated.

Happy Independence Day!


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