Atheists, agnostics, secular humanists and others that follow no faith tradition many times think religion is archaic and barbaric compared to our modern, science driven understanding of the world. They believe that we have somehow moved past or out-grown religion. That it is something for the childish or feeble-minded. But from where I’m sitting, the standards of many faith traditions continue to be more advanced than the standard found in Western culture. Look at the political and social climate of the United States currently. We’ve just witnessed the inauguration of the most contested president elect in the country’s history. And the following day, a massive protest took place in the capital mall. Similar demonstrations went on across the country and across the world. All focus on the central idea of equality, and standing up to those who oppose it.

Despite our intellectual bounds, equality has not been achieved. The root problem is not implementation or the logistics in doing so. The reason we do not have equality is because many people do not want it. This applies to regular Joes, all the way up to decision makers on capitol hill. In order to be at the top, there has to be a bottom. Such a system obviously benefits the elite and privileged. But people at the bottom continue to support inequality as well. Why? Because America is the land of opportunity. If one works hard, they can work their way up, they can make their way to the top. Or so we’ve been told. With every passing day, the American dream seems to be becoming more of a dream than a reality. Which begs the question: Which is the barbaric system? The one that thrives on inequality for the benefit of few, or one that thrives on a divine sense of universal compassion, respect, and love?

God’s love doesn’t stop at rich, white men. Divine devotion is not dependent on gender, race, religion, or wealth. Sadly, at this stage of the argument, many Christians may be reaching for their bibles to look up versus on wifely obedience or smiting lowly non-believers. If so, I ask that you keep flipping to the gospels and look at Jesus’ example. Jesus extends God’s grace to sinners, Gentiles, women, the handicapped and the poor. In Him, God’s love knows no bounds. This universal aspect of equality is very much rooted in the divine, but it is more than appropriate and necessary in the secular world. I know church and state are separate with good intentions, but maybe man’s law could take note from God’s law in this case. God does not make trash, so why do we treat each other as so? God does not make second-class citizens, so why does our government treat us as so? We are all equal in the eyes of God, so why aren’t we equal in the eyes of our government?


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