I recently read an interview with Krista Tippett. She hosts a weekly radio program centered on spirituality, faith, and personal growth. The interview raised some interesting points on the modern climate in which people explore and live into their faith. Where in the past one’s faith was inherited from one’s family. One might convert upon marriage, but primarily one’s religion was fixed and decided by someone other than oneself.  In the West, it’s only been in the past 50 years that cultural pressure has lessened, allowing people to choose their own religious devotions and spiritual expressions. This opens new opportunity for experimentation, a whole world of opportunities to be navigated.

Further, Tippett discussed the breadth of involvement on her radio show by those not tied to any religion. Without religious boundaries, the conversation fluidly moves to areas before unexplored. Previously locked in alternative culture, new spiritual topics are working their way into the mainstream. Tippett identifies the common ground among all participants on her radio show, to be an ethical concern for others. The well-being of all humanity and compassion seems to be the strongest commonality for religions and the spiritually inclined.

It’s a great wide world of spiritual and religious experience, and we’re in a time where we get to discuss, share and experience the whole spectrum of it.


Kambic, Randy. “Krist Tippett on Our Evolving Spirituality: Why it Evokes Hope”, pp. 22-23. Natural Awakenings (December 2016, East Michigan Edition).


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