Yoga is often referred to as moving meditation. Such peace and bliss can be achieved by uniting the mind and body, letting them work together so much that they truly become one entity. In some yoga classes, you’ll hear the teacher encourage the students to set an intention for their practice, or dedicate their practice to a cause or a person. So keeping in mind a person in need or a set of disappointing circumstances, students move through their practice. Working to send comfort, strength, and hope for something better.

Ultimately, yoga isn’t all that different from prayer. At churches and temples everywhere, prayers are raised for church members and local people going through difficult times. If the unity of mind and body can help accomplish moving meditation, then adding hopeful wellbeing for others creates prayer. In meditation the mind listens for peace, but with intention it starts to speak for peace. However you pray: kneeling, seated, reaching for the sky, prostrate, or somewhere between downward facing dog and pigeon… Pray. They all count, no matter what fashion they’re sent in. And it seems the world needs it more than ever. So get to the tried and true or try something new. Send hope over despair, calm over angst, and smiles in a world of furrowed brows.


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