In the fast-paced life of Western society, we often find our daily lives in a state of busy chaos. If we find routine in the secular world, it often is something we come to resent. Routine becomes tedious and monotonous. But routine in the spiritual realm becomes something very different as ritual. While ritual has many functions and affects, I wish to focus on one: its ability to provide stability and help us hone in on the subtle and not so subtle changes in ourselves and our surrounding world.

Routine through ritual focuses the mind on the divine or good intentions taken on with the desire to immolate or win favor from the divine. Through this act, the mind can find quiet from the everyday clutter, whether it be chaos or monotony, to look inward. When participating in a ritual repeatedly, the participant can then discern that any changes in emotion or thought are from themselves changing. The constancy and stability lets ritual act as a clean backdrop to examine one’s life and the perpetual changes of life. One constant makes fluctuations easier to spot. Perhaps spotting them in a time focused on the divine helps one channel divinely inspired responses rather than responses fueled by emotion or negative aspects of popular culture such as vengeance, greed, or fear.


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