If anything marries the mundane and divine together, its nature. The natural world is full of magic, wonder, and holiness. Perhaps what nature is, is as important as what nature is not. When dealing exclusively with the natural world the hustle, bustle, and busyness of daily life are nowhere to be found. The complexity of language and culture is of little use. All the structures civilization clings to, are gone. Nature gets at the building blocks of life, the essentials of divinity.

There is no better time than the summer solstice to reflect on how intermingled the mundane and divine are. The solstice marks the season of summer, and the sun drenched days bring joy. It is a time of warmth and earthly abundance. But even as I soak up these solstice rays, I cannot help to think about the winter solstice. I find myself marveling at this amazing balancing act, the rhythm of the seasons, a pendulum swinging between these extremes. The precarious harmony of this world that we call nature, is extraordinary. While the summer solstice is amazing in its own right, to me it is one great example of many to speak to how awesome our world is.

I hope you took some time to explore the wonder and joy of the summer solstice yesterday. Also widen your lens and take stock of the interconnected ease with which the natural world operates and provides for us. This beautiful design and great balancing act should be regarded with reverence. Tis the season to take prayer and meditation outdoors where nothing stands between you and our naturally divine world.

Happy Summer!


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