It’s now been two months since the rector of my small, Episcopalian church took a new assignment. Since then some duties have been redirected, while others have gone neglected. In these two months I have seen new passion and commitment spring forth in some. But I also see the bulk of the work continue to fall on one core group of people. And in these two months I’ve seen them grow tired.

We had a meeting this past Sunday to take stock of the situation, hear out a potential solution, and identify areas that need attention from church members in the meantime. To make do until we find some new form of leadership, additional responsibility is put on the lay people to make decisions, coordinate the congregation, and be the feet on the ground to keep the church running. In some ways this has been difficult as it is no longer anyone’s ‘job’ to run the church. When asking for more help or more commitment, some were ready to sign up, while others were left shaking their heads. Many of these were the working people. Shaking their heads as to how they would find more hours in the week.

Spending a large amount of time in the secular realm to make a living can make ‘voluntary’ spiritual involvement difficult. I fully believe it is possible and satisfying to live in both the secular and religious realms, but finding the time can be a challenge. I am working to do this, and lately have been coming to the end of the day too quickly. I am feeling the challenge and I am not alone. With strong commitments to both areas of life, it becomes a battle to see which will get the time. At least for now, the battle of the hours rages on.


I’d love to hear about these challenges in your life. How do you juggle it all? Comments welcome below!


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