For those feeling separated from the divine, due to either a slump in their spiritual life or the strict confines of secularism, Christmas is the perfect occasion to remind us of the intermingling between the mundane and divine. Christmas does not simply commemorate a miracle. It marks the grand meeting of the mundane and divine. The divine’s direct presence comes into the world by the most ordinary means, a birth. It is an absolutely natural act, a process countless women have and continue to experience. Jesus coming into the world in this way makes us recognize not only the miracle of his birth, but all births.

Jesus’ debut, and his ability to straddle divinity and humanity throughout his life, illustrates how the mundane and the divine meet. We see not only how they meet, but how the mundane becomes divine and the divine becomes mundane. The miracle of Jesus’ birth makes it easier to recognize the divinity of all births. The ability to create, carry and bring life into the world is and incredible miracle and mystery. Yet it is also a common place necessity for the continuation of our species. Procreation shows us that the relationship between the mundane and divine is not mutually exclusive. It is a ‘both / and’ relationship rather than an ‘or’ relationship.

Christmas is a celebration of divine presence in our ordinary world. It can help remind us that this presence continues still and is there for those that seek it out through spiritual effort. Our everyday lives are full of mundane divinity and divine mundanity. Let Christmas be a time to break down superficial barriers and fully experience the complex beauty of our world.



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